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High-Intensity Training for Cyclists.
15th Edition

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High-Intensity Training for Cyclists—

Progressive Systems Training, 15th Edition.
242 Pages, 166 Figures, 40 Tables.


HIT eBook. $26.95.

Free Preview: The First 20 Pages, includes the Table of Contents


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Free Preview: The First 20 Pages, includes the Table of Contents

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Break down the elements of cycling fitness. Decide how to separate out and train each element. Decide in what order to train each fitness element.  Figure out which exercises give the most benefit with the least suffering. Find out which exercises are easy to do right and hard to do wrong.  That's what HIT™ is all about.

In the first section, chapters discuss measuring training intensity, overtraining, and recovery. Heart-rate, power-based, and torque-based training are discussed in detail. Evaluating training stress using these are other measures is discussed in detail.

The second section of the book explores the theoretical basis of interval training, as well as the practicalities of program design.

The third part of the book gives practical hints and guidelines for interval training.

The fourth part of the book is the standard 3-month progressive systems high-intensity training program.

The fifth part of the book is a rapid 5 to 9 week peaking high-intensity program.

Training and fitness standards for excellence for men and women as well as for masters age groups by 10-year increments are listed in appendix A.

Finally, there is a quiz to see how well you have learned the material!



New in this Edition


11 more pages, 13 more figures, 3 more tables.

More information about training metrics, including training with power.

More information about errors and limitations of training devices/computers/programs.

Updated information about interval training studies.




“Dr Baker,

 I send my appreciation. Your books … are… excellent. I love the practical approach you take which seems to connect not only the finer points of cycling but also the highest

Thanks again for your inspiration and knowledge. “


Chris Scalzo

Thank you. One of the most productive things I have ever read with regard to training is your advice to negatively pace your intervals. I used to go out and kill myself on the first one, then would quickly fade and usually end up aborting the session early, tired and depressed.

Negatively pacing my intervals enables me to ease into them and keep going while improving my motivation through the session as I'm able to go harder and harder.

Now I finish them and feel like a champ (an exhausted champ but a champ nonetheless).

Interval sessions are no longer a source of dread so training is much more enjoyable and productive. So thanks for being thorough and spelling out the subtleties and specifics that most other coaches ignore.”


Nigel M. Duckworth

“Hi Arnie,

I enjoyed your HIT e-book. Well written and probably the most complete manual available, in my opinion.

Your book is valuable to me both in the information it provides as well as its frankness.”


John Nicholls



High-Intensity Training for Cyclists—
Progressive Systems Training, 2013, 15th Edition.

by Arnie Baker, MD

Price: $26.95.

eBook - (242 pages. January 2013. 15th edition.). This is an electronic book. There are no shipping or handling costs.

Dimensions (in inches): Formatted to print two 8.5 x 5.5 columns on standard 8.50 x 11.00 paper. Will print on 242 pages.

15th Edition. Argo publishing; ISBN: 0964060175 ; Dimensions (in inches): 8.50 x 11.00

This eBook is in PDF format.

A unique-use automated download code will be sent to you immediately with your electronic order. 

Free Preview: The First 20 Pages, includes the Table of Contents


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